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17 January 2017

picture of the cone of experience by Edgar Dale
Edi Sukmara

The goal of multimedia in education and training is to immerse the learner in a multisensory experience to promote learning. By using multimedia, learners can enhance the use of their senses in understanding the lesson. The sound which is found in audio and moving pictures which are found in the video will bring the real experience to the learners. Multimedia makes one’s experience as realistic as possible without actually being there.
Multimedia refers to the sequential or simultaneous use of a variety of media formats in a given presentation or self-study program. It makes communication more effective as it combines audio media, visual media, and computers including combinations managed by computers. The maximum use of the senses will enhance the effective communication in the classroom.
Communication process based on Berlo theory involves source, message, channel and receiver. Multimedia is the source that sends the message from the media to the students as receivers using the channel.

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