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20 January 2017


The definition of educational technology is new. While it grows out of and uses concepts from previous theoretical frameworks of educational technology, it is, in Lewis’ (Hawkridge, 1976) words, “a whole new conceptual frame work.” It is a synthesis which presents a new way of thinking about what the concept, field, and profession of educational technology are.
Lewis indicates that this type of new conceptual framework is a “lonely and high risk activity.” Kuhn (1962) would consider this new framework a major paradigm change for educational technology and predict the difficulties which will occur in’ its acceptance by educational technologist and non-educational technologist alike.
To present the other side of these views of the difficulties associated with this new conceptual framework, we close the definition of educational technology with two positive statements that best summarize what this new definition means and what its implications can be.
Properly constructed, the concept of instructional or educational technology is totally integrated. It provides a common ground for all professionals, no matter in what aspect of the field they are working; it permits the rational development and integration of new devices, materials, and methods as they come along. The concept is so completely viable that it will not only provide new status for our group, but will, for the first time, threaten the status of others. (Finn, 1965,p. 193)
The educational future will belong to those who can grasp the significance of (educational and) instructional technology (Finn, 1964, p. 26).


J.C. Agarwal. Essential of Educational Technology.Vikas Publishing House Pvt limited.2009

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