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20 January 2017

Natural Phenomena of Hoax in Media

Various news HOAX are often shared by us, Muslims. Perhaps because happy, because amazed, because it likes. But since we are not careful and critical so that even in disgrace, or bear the sin.
Actually what is the purpose of this kind of news HOAX? Many. There were only want to get a lot of readers on your blog or website. Some are made for the sake of business competition. Some are made just for spreading false news. The more lie would make us no longer able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. There also are intentionally made to pit Muslims and non-Muslims. And lastly, there is the news made by Muslims themselves. What for? I have no idea. In the Koran there is also a great deal about this:
Really those who brought forward the lie are a body among You too. Or do you think that false news was bad for you even it is good for you. Each one of them, gets a reply from the sin that he did. And who among those who took the largest portion in broadcasting false news that her great torment (Surah An Nuur, 24:11).
May those who like to make hoax, created a bad stigma, and then do a smear campaign to get his guidance, ... then become a useful man in building the Islamic civilization. Aamiin.


(QS An Nuur, 24:11).

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